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What Viewers Are Saying...


"I speak at schools quite often, and I can't imagine that anything I could say would be as powerful or as easy for students to relate to as your films."

- Beverly Cobain (cousin to Kurt Cobain), author of the acclaimed book, 'When Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens'



"... two of the finest shows for young people I’ve ever seen ... ‘honest and compassionate and above all, REAL!"

- Goldie Gardner, WNED-PBS, Program Manager, Buffalo, NY



"I loved the show. ... 'Maple Ave' provides a venue for parents, teens and the greater community to connect & learn."

- Danielle Heiny, KSMQ-PBS Station Manager, Austin, MN



"When I watched the series on WNED in Buffalo, I enjoyed the simple message and powerful storylines. ...thank you for producing such a well-crafted series."

- Chukwunonso IIogu, PBS Viewer



"I grew up surrounded by the many issues your videos face, especially depression and self injury, I just wanted to say the videos are really good, they hit really close to home (made me cry) This is tough stuff..... Things DO get better, which is the reason WHY I like your videos, they provide Hope, and THATs what more youth need to witness..."

- Ashley R., 'Maple Ave' DVD viewer






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